Ah, sweet competition, how I adore thee.  It’s been 2 weeks (well, more like 2.5 … I’m a lazy procrastinating blogger, ok?) since the beginning of Round 2, and I’m still going strong.  By going strong, of course, I mean just eating less garbage than normal and tracking food/caloric content online via SparkPeople. I am not one to stress about weigh-ins, carb counts, or protein/fat ratios.  I just eat less crap and assuming there’s forward progress, call it good enough.  I don’t even know the calorie counts on my foods until I write it down, which is absolutely after I’ve already eaten it.  This means some days are over and some under, and I don’t honestly care either way.

And it works.  I’m down 13 lbs total in 2 weeks.  I’m calm and happy and not miserably sitting around bemoaning the things my calorie counter says I can or cannot eat.  Life is good.  Better than that, I’m in the lead. Oh yes, Britt may have gotten ahead of me in the first week, but no longer.  Last time we did this it took me a solid 3 or 4 weeks to pass her.  I’m pretty stoked about the quicker time frame.  Oh, and about winning, which is what I’ll be doing when this is said and done.  Hells, yes.

I’m also trying really hard to stay GLUTEN FREE, with some pretty solid success.  Yes, I may have eaten ridiculous garlic parmesan alfredo on highly gluten-y bowties this weekend (which, ps, was freakin’ amaaaaa-zing), but other than that … I’m doing pretty well.  Oh, and that oreo cookie.  Yea.  Other than that, I’m a GLUTEN FREE machine.  I hit the GF baking mix clearance motherload last night at the grocery, and although they were way more expensive than I’d like to pay for anything, ever, they were cheap for being good GF brands.  Perhaps if I have GLUTEN FREE cookies in the house, I’ll be less tempted by oreos and less inclined to tantrums when I can’t have them.  Maybe …

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these outcomes.  Even if no one was losing weight, we’re eating better food for sure (which I’ll probably talk more about the specifics of at some point in the future …), the thought of which makes me happier than being skinny.  And, did I mention I’m … uh … winning?!  ‘Cuz that’s bound to make my day every time.