This is the last week of menus from the original pantry challenge inventory SIX WEEKS ago.  Six?!  And, honestly, we could have gone longer on just what we had already stocked, but the pickins were getting slim variety-wise, and I think my family wants to eventually eat chicken again.

So this is it.  Last week.  Then a new pantry inventory, and a new 6 weeks of menus.  I’m so stoked.  Before I give you the haps for this week’s menu, a lovable anecdote from this weekend …

I was gone Thursday through Saturday for work.  I just mentioned that in the post before this one.  I left very specific instructions on the menu board in the pantry for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday dinners.  I moved things around in anticipation of not being here so that the menu items were simple and anyone could fix them without a world ending kitchen disaster.

Thursday, though, feeling rushed between getting home from work/school and making it to the fraternal organization meeting my boys are a part of, the whole family caved and hit the golden arches for McEverything and Fries.  Friday, they decided they were going out on the town to socialize, and forgetting to oh, I don’t know, cook something first, went to some new restaurant in the next town.  Saturday, they were home and back on track.  My brother went to the pantry to check the menu board so he could start some dinner.  The schedule: Leftovers.  From the dinners they didn’t make.  Yes!


This is what you get for not following the menu while I’m gone, family.  When my brother called to inform me of the debacle, I spent most of the time laughing.  That may be the actual circumstances or his delivery of the story, including a “So, I told them, guys, I think we really screwed this up.  There won’t be any dinner.”.

This week we’ll be eating brats with chips and raw veggies, sausage and potato hash with eggs and cheese, beef goulash with broccoli, a crockpot beef roast with potatoes and carrots, homemade pizza, a whole ham in the crockpot with veggie rice and rolls, and oh yes, of course, leftovers.

That is, so long as they don’t forget this lesson too quickly.


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