1. I haven’t had a Diet Coke since last night.  So far, this is not a problem.  I didn’t drink anything before going to church, and I made a pot of coffee when I got home.  Dearest Starbucks Pike Place + a little splash of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup = a lot easier transition away from carbonated caffeine and a little piece of heaven.

2. We made a third trip to Sears today in search of replacement appliances.  This is on top of two trips to Lowe’s and I cannot even imagine how many hours That Boy has been online comparing Consumer Reports findings and product specs.  One day, we will have an oven again, I hope.

3. Highlight of hanging out at Sears: The saleslady assuming when I said, “Family of 5” I meant we had 5 small children at home to feed and then going into a grand story of her own 6 sibling family and how her grandmother can’t possibly cook for less than 28 people at a time and on and on into oblivion.  I kind of smiled as we walked out.  People assume we could have FIVE children.  This is one part comforting and one part horrifying (please let me stop aging tomorrow, thanks).

4. Lowlight of hanging out at Sears: The salesman who tried to circle talk me into thinking their sign listing “Free Delivery for Appliances Over $399” wasn’t really meant to apply right now even though it was clearly labeled “Valid through 2/18” between running back and forth spastically between us and some invisible “higher power” in the backroom.

5. Someone put an ash cross on my forehead this morning.  I have yet to spontaneously combust.  I will take this as a sign.  I snuck out the back when they started communion (the reason for which I will probably explain in a future post at some point).

6. In the process of “cleaning” the pile of crap on the floor in the office, I may or may not have turned the entire room into a disaster area.  This causes me great psychological stress.  I cannot handle a messy office.  I am also inherently lazy today, and ergo, may have to stop blogging soon so I can escape this SuperFund site I’m calling a workspace to save my sanity.

7. Call them what you want, but those delightful balls of fried dough filled with custard and covered in chocolate icing are nothing more than long-johns (this is possibly a Midwestern only name, I’m not sure …they’re like eclairs, but whole and not stacked) shaped into balls instead of tubes.  I love them regardless of what day they were made for.  They are, however, chuck full of GLUTEN and ergo a horrible decision.  A deliciously horrible decision.