Ok, not really.  The oven we have is still dead.  But!  Today a pretty new oven will come to live at our house, assuming That Boy can really load it into a truck by himself (and by ‘by himself’, I mean ‘with my help’, which is hopefully going to mean ‘by himself’ … ha).  It took a million hours and more trips to look at stoves than I’d care to remember, but we finally made a decision that means someday we’ll be able to bake things again and cook on more than 3 burners.

Can I wax poetic about this bad boy?  It has 5 burners instead of 4.  It’s bigger than the stove we have.  The oven has conventional AND convection settings AND a button that converts conventional time/temperature settings to those appropriate for convection so I won’t be burning the crap out of everything while I figure out the differences.  The drawer in the bottom is a warming drawer that goes up to 200 and some degrees.  It has THREE oven racks instead of two.

I could dance.

And the professor’s at my alma mater’s Women and Gender Studies program (in which I minored) would probably have a stroke if they knew that.


I’m almost as excited about this stove arriving tomorrow as I was about the giant freezer we bought over the summer.  The freezer that you could store a couple few full sized bodies in until  you found an appropriate burial location.  Ah, freezer, how I also adore thee.

Now, before I get too off track with my adoration of the fancy pants new oven, let’s talk about money for a second.  Buying appliances makes me want to puke.  Mostly, spending that kind of money on, um, anything, makes me seriously queasy.  We have a tight budget around these parts.  I mean, I work for a public school and they pay me more in good feelings than they do in cash.  We are not the kind of people to run off randomly buying appliances for fun on weekday afternoons.  We got a great deal because of a President’s Day sale.  We got an extra 10% off for being nice people (or some equally amusing reason).  We chose the least expensive model that met our needs (the one pictured, in all stainless, is not actually the exact model we chose … stainless is expensive!).  We got some sweet added features that just happened to be included in the sale price.  And, we saved the exorbitant delivery charge by planning to pick this bad boy up at the store ourselves when it arrives.

Did I mention the stove we have is a million years old?  Did I mention we paid cash money?  We’re Dave people.  If we didn’t have the cash to pay for it, we’d just be a little more creative for awhile with the whole not baking thing.  We happened to have some extra cash on hand, and yes, in the interest of disclosure, we did divert it from say, my student loans or the mortgage, but this girl has to have an oven if she’s going to keep feeding this family at home on the cheap.

Did I mention we got a killer deal?

And that I’m giddy as a school girl about it?

Oh oven, you finer thing, you, please hurry up and come home (and please don’t be terribly heavy … this girl doesn’t really want to break something hauling you around.)


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