I am a night owl.  I can go through an entire day with almost zero motivation only to get the urge to clean my closet or scrub gunk out of the washing machine with Q-tips ’round about the time normal people should be headed to bed.  Tonight was no different.  It went a little something like this …

“Hey, we should put those new shelves in the kitchen.”

(at 1030pm, of course)

“And, hey, since we have to clean everything off the old shelves to move them out of the way, why not reorganize half the kitchen cupboards to make things fit more efficiently?”

(sometime around midnight, probably …)

“Oh! How about we move all the appliances, clean behind them, and then realign them to fit better with the new shelves?”

(say, 2am …)

We are the secret agents of home remodel.  We scrub and sort and build under the cover of darkness.  We need a secret handshake.

Are you a night owl too?  I’d love to hear about the crazy stuff you do while everyone else sleeps.