I have been dying to write this series.  For real.  Everyday I’m writing down new ideas for it.  For months I’ve kept this tiny notebook full of two word phrases and largely illegible handwriting squirreled away, bursting with ideas but without a place for them to live.  When I started Average Radical, it was for the eventual purpose of writing down this part of my life (and complaining about stuff I don’t like, and using the F word more than anyone probably should …), and I’m stoked to finally find myself in a place where it feels ok to start.

I don’t think enough people are talking about radical, lovin’ everybody, politicized, jesus-following online.  Ok, maybe enough people are, and I’m not reading them for some reason.  Lots of people talk about faith and Christianity and grace and the CHURCH (which it an intentional reference to the “thing” rather than “the people” … ie, the bureaucracy and doctrine over the people who participate in it), but I have so many other things to say.

Most of them will probably be wrong.  Or disagreeable.  Or offensive to someone.

To be clear, I am ok with this.

Now, I’m not about to launch into a sweet series on blaspheming or making jokes about people’s faith lives or casting rocks from my glass house (the view from which is subpar considering all the grime and dirt and real life covering the windows).  I want to have a conversation on faith, on Acts, on modern life and post-modern life and post-post-modern life (ok, not really).  I want to talk theology without being theologians.  I want to ask questions.  I want to tell the story of how I came to this place I’m in and evaluate the lessons and poignant moments along the way.  I would love for you to join me.

That could happen in a couple ways, numbered for your reading pleasure …

1. You could come read along if you’d like.  (I was inclined to give you a specific day to come check for updates, because that’s what fancy professionals do, but I am self-aware enough to know I am not one of them and rather than disappoint you, will not promise to post on a certain day.)

2. You could up the ante and subscribe via email or a feed reader (I use iGoogle’s Reader function.  I love it.  They don’t pay me to say that.)

3. You could add some sweet comments to the conversation, because um, I love reading them and it’s way fun to meet people who’re reading along.

4. You could offer up a guest post to add to the series.  I’m way open to anyone who’d like to add to the collective voice of this journey.  Want to talk about how you came to whatever faith you’re a part of?  Ok.  Want to tell us some sweet story of radical love and change in you or others?  Awesome.  Want to share a cool pot pie recipe with us?  Ok, but make it quick, it’s on the menu tonight (for the very first time, and … well, the probability of disaster is kind of high).  All guest posts are welcome right now.  I’d love to hear from you.

Ok, so is that confusing enough?  I’m starting a series.  It will involve church (the people) and CHURCH (the thing) and faith and journeying and jesus and how the hell I wound up here and difficult questions and uncomfortable silences and your fair share of run on sentences.  You’re absolutely welcome to grab a cup of coffee and join in.