Every night during those quick words between the “Our Father” and “Goodnight”, I say thank you for a laundry list of things.  I like gratitude.  A lot.  I think grateful, rather than demanding, hearts and attitudes are the way to get what you really want.  And on that list of things I say thank you for, every single night, is finding That Boy a job.

Back Story:  That Boy was in an accident at his last job, an entirely not his fault-almost could have killed him-no good very bad deal kind of accident.  It caused injuries that required 2 surgeries, months of physical therapy, and a court battle over his company randomly deciding they could stop paying him in the process (which they very clearly cannot, thank you Michigan Legal System).  For a long, long time, he wasn’t allowed to work by his surgeons.  Then, they released him to sedentary only work, which he hates, and largely does not have the experience or skill base for.  I mean, we’re talking, cannot move, cannot lift, cannot sit too long or stand too long … impossible, especially in this market (Have you heard?!  We live in the worst employment market in the whole country … awesome.).  They’ve since lifted the restrictions some, which is good.

Because of this whole deal, That Boy hasn’t worked in nearly 3 years.  THREE!  My goodness.  We’ve made it work, and I could write an entire book on the my gratitude for providence, but he’s starting to get restless.  Everyday he applies for more jobs.  Everyday he doesn’t hear from anyone.  Everyday we have tense conversations about how many applications he’s filled out or resumes he’s submitted.  Everyday he gets a little less confident that he’ll ever hear from anyone.

I think that’s the worst part of the job hunt.  It’s not rejection, although that also sucks.  It’s not hearing anything … left hanging in the ether somewhere … booo.

Yesterday, I woke up to his phone ringing.  It was an employer with whom he had applied.  They not only wanted to offer him an interview, they wanted to do it immediately over the phone.  Yes!  I didn’t know this until I inquired as to why he was dancing around the kitchen in his bathrobe while he thought no one was looking.  (isn’t that adorable?  he’ll hate me for telling you … alas, irresistible)

An interview?!


Now, it would be great if that interview went well enough to warrant them calling him in for interview numero deux (which we’ll hear about on Wednesday, they say … please, please, please, pretty please), and even cooler if that led to him scoring this job.


It’s not even about that for me right now.  The interview opportunity itself has renewed his confidence (at least partially) in his own worth, the market, and the continued pursuit of the perfect (read: first one to say yes) job finding him.  That’s good enough for me.  I am soooooooooo grateful already.

It’s not my plan, after all.  It will all work out in the end.  I can just be joyous and filled with gratitude at the chance to participate in it.


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