1. I have a MILLION things to tell you, but I don’t want to write/publish all those posts on one day and then leave you with nothing to read for weeks.  Then I’m not sure if I care about when the posts go up, so long as they go up.  Eh.  I’ll write it when the muse speaks, or at least try to while the laundry tries to interrupt.

2. I haven’t had a soda since February 17th.  I don’t know how many days that is, but it’s a lot.  I still kind of miss it a little, but not terribly.  I’m thinking this Lenten sacrifice may become a permanent one, which makes me think I need to think of another Lenten sacrifice for Holy Week.  Hmm.  What are you doing?  Inspire me.

3. I have, however, been eating way more GLUTEN than I should.  Ugh.  I fell off the wagon again, and I can soooooo feel it.  Must. Stop. Eating. GLUTEN. Right. Now.  Boo.

4. I’ve been putting in resumes all over town lately.  There have been a number of openings posted that are in fields that I’m passionate about.  I don’t think I should ignore them.  I don’t care if I get them or not.  I looooooove my current job.  I don’t know what I’ll do about that if one of these other jobs materializes.  I’m still really conflicted about that.

5. Today is “find out about a second interview” day for That Boy.  My naturally inclined to be ridiculously anxious self is all nerves about it.  I really wish they’d call already so he knew one way or the other.  Fingers crossed, please.

6. We have no menu this week.  Ahhhhhh!  The horror!  So far, no one has died, but I think I may have a stroke soon.  I really should just write something down, but the pantry inventory isn’t done which makes my perfectionist self think writing the menu is somehow impossible.  Ugh.

7. My brother is going to church with me this week.  He doesn’t have much choice.  He needs to see some classical concert thing for this class he has at college.  That concert is at 3pm on Sunday at a Catholic church downtown.  He doesn’t want to go alone, and ergo thinks I should go with him.  I still want to go to my church Sunday, even if I go to this concert with him, but the driving all over creation (here to church to here to get him to the church downtown for the concert blah blah blah) is not so appealing to my frugal sensibilities.  Alas, he’s going to church with me so we can go straight to the concert afterward.  Ha.  This will be hilarious, me thinks.

8. I feel bad that I haven’t updated you on the Biggest Loser Challenge (Round Deux).  There isn’t much to update.  I don’t lose weight when I eat GLUTEN so I don’t pay attention to the scale.  I have until Memorial Day to kick Britt’s ass, which I think is still completely attainable.  Now that the snow is gone, I’ve been walk/jogging with the dogs every night after dinner.  She has not.  (how’s that for trash talk?) I win.  Ha.

9. Did I mention I’m really super disgustingly anxious today?  I mute the NPR streaming on my desktop every time the phone rings so I can tell if That Boy is talking to the interview people or not.  Damn he talks on the phone a lot … to who, I have no idea.  I’m a nerd, yes, an anxious ball of nerves pretending not to be nerd.


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