Let me start this with, we are not Irish.

At all.

We are Scottish, though, which is … close (just don’t tell my very Scottish husband I said that, ok?).  Close enough for me at least.  We love the St. Patrick’s Day season, and because Irish cultural traditions are similar to Scottish cultural traditions (kilts, pub food, stout, pride, etc), it all kind of fits together for us.  Great food, great music, great friends, dancing in the streets, and an excuse to drink great beer in the middle of the day … who doesn’t want to love that?

Here’s the montage …

In the few days before St. Patrick’s, I got the best. news. ever.  My el favorito local Irish rock band, great friends who we thought had broken up for good in September (after 7 awesome years) was going to get back together to play a pre-St. Patrick’s show at a country club.  A country club?!  This is a rowdy band with an even rowdier group of die-hard fans.  We are dancing on chairs kinds of people, and we were highly skeptical of the ‘country club crowd‘ being entertained by that.

Do I have to tell you it was an amazing time, or does the picture prove it?  (Sidebar: We are not all wasted.  We’re trying to be funny.  Or something.)  The country club crowd wound up being great.  They were dancing and clapping and getting rowdy with us.  The band played fabulously, including two special additions that I’m still super stoked about.  We danced.  We sang.  We laughed.  We broke a glass … on accident.  Great times (until the drive thru guy dumped an entire large Sprite into the lap of That Boy on the way home … ).

On St. Patrick’s itself, I woke up my family with a giant pancake breakfast (because, um, pancakes soak up alcohol pretty nicely …), after which we put on all of the green we could find and headed down to the parade.  We live in this town with the State’s or the Country’s or the World’s (I don’t know what they claim exactly …) Longest Running Unfinished St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The route goes from one end of main to the other.

The parade is great fun.  There’s a marching band.  The residents of this town all participate.  People who don’t live here show up and stand on the sidewalks and wave at us like we’re important.  We throw things like any good parade.  And, of course, we dress our dogs up in hilarious outfits.  That isn’t my dog above, but he’s still really freakin’ cute.

So that parade route I was talking about, the one that no one ever makes it to the end of?  Well, there might be a reason.  That place above is half way in between.  The parade never makes it past the front door.  It’s a 20 or some such year running joke.  See all the people milling about?  Yea, we’ve tried in previous years to make our way into the pub after the parade, but … it’s kind of not worth it.  The people inside are shoulder to shoulder, it’s hot, there’s a giant line outside to get in.  Eww.

Instead, we throw a party in our front yard.  We drag out the grill.  We invite a bunch of friends.  Hell, we invite a bunch of strangers sometimes.  We wear a bunch of green.  We stand around toasting people that drive by.  We laugh. A lot.  We drink beer.  We dance in the street.  We have a blast.  Every. Single. Year.

I love St. Patrick’s.  Mostly, I love the people I spend the day with.  Do you have any great St. Patrick’s traditions?  I want to hear about them.