So, Wednesday came and went without That Boy hearing anything for the potential employer that called on Monday.  Sad face.  That of course creates a case of the “maybes”.  Maybe the guy was sick.  Maybe he forgot to call.  Maybe the store was really busy and he didn’t get around to calling.  Maybe the process of deciding who to call is taking longer than usual.

Maybe … Maybe … Maybe …

Or, maybe not …


Today, while trying to get home from a quick run to the grocery for produce (of which we had … basically none.  boo.), my phone rang.  I missed the call.  I was busy loading apples into my trunk and trying not to go homicidal on the masses of crazy people who apparently descend on the market everyday at 430pm.  I don’t generally shop in that time frame, so I really had no idea how many non-menu planning shop-by-the-seat-of-your-frenzied-post-work-pants people would be there.  That’s an entirely other story, however.  I hopped into the car and called my voicemail.

Hello, this call is regarding an offer of employment.  Please call me back at your earliest convenience.



Months and months ago, I took a qualifying exam thing (ok, I won’t make it sound cooler than it was … all 27 ridiculous questions of it …) for a job with the US Census.  It was on a whim.  I went with my brother because he didn’t want to go alone.  I have another job, if you recall, but it goes in seasons along with the academic calendar (and this is not one of the busy ones) so I knew I’d have some free time in the spring.  Really, I didn’t expect them to call.  Ok, I did, but I didn’t really want them to.  Kind of.  It’s a long story about the sordid characters I met at this exam.

And then they offered me $13.50 an hour.

And my broke (not really broke … just income-impaired) self could not tell them no.


Sometimes, we ask for things.

Sometimes, we get them.

Sometimes, we don’t.

Sometimes, we get exactly what we asked for wrapped in an entirely different package than we thought it would be.  I cannot everyday say thank you for providence and ignore the opportunities presented to me.  I still pray everyday (for his sake) that That Boy finds the perfect (even the imperfect for now …) new job to support our family.  It would seem like it isn’t quite his time.

It’s mine.

You ask … and sometimes, when you’re not paying attention, you receive.

Fine, indeed.


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