Deal blogs are a regular part of my life.  Since I hate to spend money on um, anything, I use them to find the best deals in town without having to do all the work.  For that, I am thankful they exist.

On the other hand, they’re starting to drive me bat shit crazy.  There are some deal blogs that everyone knows the name of.  They’re popular.  People send them bad ass late night emails with sweet insider tips.  They’re great blogs to follow to get all the good information.  There are other deal blogs that want to be that cool.  They aren’t.  They just repost everything the other blogs write with a little “thanks link” at the end.  Ugh.  Do you really think Big Momma Deal Blogger of the Year needs your link love bullshit from your no-name blog so you can copy her posts instead of thinking them up yourself?

Hint: The answer is no.

I don’t even mind posts that link to a bunch of sweet deal posts.  Like, “Hey friends, here’s a list of links from this week to stuff other people are doing/finding that I think are cool.  Enjoy.”  That, I can handle.  Reposting every deal or idea or sweet sale from someone else in a post of its own so you can clog my reader with bullshit I don’t need to read because I read the original six frickin’ hours ago is starting to bug the shit out of me.  Have an original thought, please, or add a bunch of great links to your sidebar blog roll to give people the what’s up or post one link post, but stop flooding my reader with plagiarism and creativity-less repetition.

Now, you may have a good question in mind here … like, why are these bloggers still in my reader if they’re driving me crazy?  A good point.  I’m considering just deleting all of them to decrease the annoyance factor, but they have redeeming qualities I still like reading about.  Some are local to me, and as such have the low down on local deals that big names won’t cover.  Others have additional features I want to read that are unrelated to deal finding.  If we could all just play nice and stop with the incessant reposting of other peoples’ shit, this would be much easier.

But with click counts and traffic tickers and SEOs and a gazillion ads and everyone thinking they’re the next great Crystal Paine, I don’t think it’ll happen.  To which I say, boo.