I looooooooove trash talking Britt about this challenge.  This is especially true on days like today when she’s eating drive thru french fries and I had salad for two meals.  I have until Memorial Day to lose a higher percentage of body weight than she has or I’m out $50.


What the hell was I thinking?

Oh yes, that she’d spent all her time eating chicken wings and homemade bread and pasta and other assorted shit I can’t eat so that I could have a calorie advantage without having to work too hard.

No longer.

After approximately 1 million years of my nagging, she finally got herself tested for GLUTEN issues (a post you should go check out if for no other reason than she’s also giving away Le Creuset … for mentioning which I think garners me an extra entry).  And, of course, she’s all gung ho GLUTEN free.  I get these text messages about GF this and GF that and how she feels so much better blah blah blah blah blah.

This is great.  Honestly, I’m stoked she feels better.

But her not eating bread is going to cost me this frickin’ contest, me thinks.  Not eating the majority of refined carbs was my advantage.  Now she’s not eating them either.


Help me out here, friends.  Any new and brilliant ideas you can offer up to give me an advantage?  Ideas that don’t include words like run or jog or work out for 18 straight hours?

I would really hate to lose $50 to a girl that won’t eat lettuce.  Ok, I would really like to not lose $50 regardless, but the sheer number of hours of my life spent chewing on roughage that she hasn’t had to endure would just make it worse.

I’m already pop free and GLUTEN free.  What’s next, loves?