Almost a month?!

I really shouldn’t go falling off the interweb like that, probably.  It’s been weeks full of meetings and door knocking and 60+ hour work weeks.  I go to the office.  I come home.  I occasionally eat.  Then it’s time for sleep, rinse, repeat.  This has been a pretty successful system honestly.

Until a week and a half ago.

Because I didn’t feel well.  I was sick, and a sick Em is almost always a cranky Em.  I went to work anyway.  I tried to get stuff done.  I tried positive thinking and changing my food intake and drinking more water.

I still felt terrible.

I still feel terrible.

And then I (possibly the second to last person on the planet to consider this possibility) figured it out.  And I spazzed, for a second.  Then I ran up the stairs and woke up That Boy (certainly the last person on the planet to think this an option) from what looked like a pretty content sleep at 8am.

And I told him.

Well, not exactly, because I have a really hard time saying that word yet, but I dodged around and euphemised it enough that he got it … even in his sleepy eyed haze.

And then I think I cried a little (great.  it begins already.).

And then I saw that smile on his face.  That unstoppable ear to ear uncontrollable smile.  And I heard him call his mom … excited, breathless … beaming.

It was then that I realized the finest thing this week isn’t the ‘good news’, but the absolute joy it brought to my staunch, stubborn, largely stoic That Boy.  There’s plenty of time for this tiny unseeable thing to be in the spotlight.  Today is not its day.  Today is about catching him secretly smiling at me.  Today is about him calling everyone on the planet because he can’t contain himself.  Today is about this moment reminding me of what an amazing man That Boy is.

I love him.

A lot.

Probably more now than I did last week.

(even when I want to throw up)

Fine, indeed.


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