So, great news, I’m still alive.  Better news, I’m still incubating a person (32 weeks even today for those of you in the lingo).  I kind of forgot how to manage my time for awhile there, and blog posting took a back seat to sleeping, puking, and finding people to make me spaghetti or smuggle me Sour Patch Kids.  Oh, and that working 60+hours a week thing.  There was that.

But I’m here.  Alive.  Notably not dead.  I missed writing things for all 2 of you to read.  I missed having a place to bitch about random things that irritate me (like how I got thrown out of a midwife’s practice for refusing a blood test … oh yea, wait for that story …).  I tried to think of a cool way to make my reappearance, and lo and behold I’m just not that witty anymore, so …

Here I am.

Returned.  Revived.  Still cranky and loud mouthed.

Hello again, old friends.