She’s a 20-something with a whole lot of things to say, and no delusions that anyone wants to actually hear them.  She wears sandals in the snow, prefers her beer micro-brewed, and reads constantly.  She’s one part homebody and one part world traveler.  She loves her food … not always perfectly healthy, but good, s-l-o-w, and homemade.  She’s looking for a revolution to join.  She curses like a sailor sometimes.  She hates internal inconsistency, winter weather, and liars.  She’s in the midst of some kind of quarter century melodrama, and she’s more than happy to drag you into it.  She’s in love.  She’s angsty sometimes.  She hugs trees and pinches pennies.  She walks picket lines for fun.

She’s something, alright, but mostly, she’s average.